Lisbon Stag Do

So your friend is getting married, and you want him not only to suffer the consequences, but also wish him the very best? It might sound contradictory, but we know exactly what you mean.

If you’re the best-man who has the mission of organizing a memorable stag do, Party In Portugal is here for you. Our Lisbon Stag Dos are a decision you won’t regret; plus, we have an agile planning methodology, adapting to both taste and budget, and we’ll organize everything you need… so that your main task is to have fun.

Whether you intend on staying for a whole week, or a mere couple of days, Lisbon is a perfect setting. The Portuguese capital is one of Europe’s most inexpensive capitals and it has plenty to offer: choose from a wide range of activities such as karting, paintball, strippers, pub crawls and many other services!


Lisbon Stag Weekends for all budgets and preferences

stag weekend lisbon

We listen to your preferences (please make sure to send a proper enquiry), and we respect your budget. Also, we adapt to your availability, that is, planning for a group spending the whole week will be different than planning a single evening and night out.

What you need to know is: we adapt, and deliver.

If you’re short on time and all you’d like to do is to get the stag a bit tipsy and silly, then there’s a whole neighbourhood (Barrio Alto) which will come in handy. It’s the core of Lisbon’s nightlife and it offers plenty of different bars and clubs to choose from. Then again, if you’d like to go surfing with the guys, then we also have what you’re looking for!

Please note that we in PartyInPortugal advise everyone to drink responsibly!

Lisbon has excellent sandy beaches on its door step, ideal if you need to mix a city-break and beach holiday. Additionally, Lisbon’s nightlife is one of the best in Europe… and the drinks are cheap! On top of all this, there’s the thermal factor (no, not that one!): Lisbon has a mild, Southern-European climate. This means that even during the weekend the temperatures rarely go below 10 ºC during the day!

If you’re completely out of ideas, we have also prepared affordable packages that combine different services. These “combo packs” have been put together based on our experience so far, and we struggle to achieve the best budgets on the market: we want to see you entertained, not broke. So stop wasting your time and send us an enquiry!

We plan. You enjoy.
What are you waiting for?