Ready to wet the stag/hen party’s collective heads? Getting wet with Lisbon water activities can be a whole heap of fun. It’s always a laugh and can be very refreshing if you’ve had a blaster the night before.

Time to weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen, and set off on a boat for the day, boys/girls! From pirates to Armadas to grumpy old fishermen with albatrosses tied round their necks, heading off to sea for a bit of quality time with friends is a time honoured tradition amongst men. Freedom, peace, and a great view, there’s nothing like setting sail for the open seas with a few beers on board and your best friends at the helm.

You can charter a boat for a day, with a private skipper to help you navigate the waves and keep you out of Davey Jones’ locker. You’ll be able to determine your own involvement in the journey – either sitting back with the boys and appreciating the view and conversation, or getting some tuition from the expert and learning how to sail for yourselves.

If you’re looking for a fairly relaxed day that gets the lads out (and the girls, also) and enjoying themselves without having to over exert yourselves, spending a few hours aboard a first class yacht is a good way to go about it.

You’ll arrive at the docks, meet your captain for the day, and head off to board your boat for the day. After commandeering the vessel, and hoisting the mizzen (full disclosure: we don’t know what a mizzen is), you’ll be able to enjoy a day on the water with all the boys/girls – the quality of the banter is down to you, all we can promise is one of the finest sailing experiences you’ll ever have.

Sailing in Lisbon: private boat trip

Lisbon Water Activities - Sailboat TagusThere are awesome ways of getting to explore Lisbon and partying at the same time: this is certainly one of them.

It’s a great opportunity for a beautiful celebration, because you’ll be sailing along the magnificent Tagus river exploring the beautiful coast of the capital while enjoying your very own private party. Plus, barbecue and sexy waitress optional!

Note: if you’re traveling in a small group, please check this instead!



Private Sailing Yacht Charter

yach sailing lisbonCome and have an amazing ride in this magnificent yacht.

Enjoy Portugal’s sunny side, in this boat, and its excellent solarium, besides all the comfort and luxury of this beautiful boat.




Speed Boat

racing-boat-3675_640Spectacular boat extremely fast, able to convey sensations of speed like no other.

Come experience “flying low altitude” and get all the fun of speed.






Fishing trip

lisbon fishingImagine fishing on the sea with barbecue and drinks at luch time.

Barbecue with pork or fish caught, bread and drinks (water, juice, wine and bear), fishing gear and bait.

Enjoy your day at the sea, with Portugal’s bright sun, and the breeze or the Atlantic Ocean.




Other Sailing / Boat Options

From Belém Tower to Alfama, passing by the Cristo Rei, enjoy the city view from a unique point of view, listening to an historical explanation of the portuguese nautical history and the main monuments in sight, while sailing the calm water of the Tagus river during aproximatly two and half hours on board of a comfortable sailing yacht.

Sunset trip

Watch the magnificence of the sun setting on our city. Choose where you want to watch it, or just let yourself go. The ship is hulled so you can enjoy the silence of the day´s end. Have a flute of champagne and savor life!

Lisbon at night

Magnificent view of the city by night. Sailing at night is extraordinary.

Sailing Adventure – Sailboat rental

Two-day sailing trip leaving from Lisbon, spending the night anchored either in the Cascais or Sesimbra bays. Have the chance to participate in all activities, including steering, working the sails, cooking, fishing, and look-out shifts. A great opportunity to get acquainted with sea sailing, and to see dolphins, or even whales. Catch and cook your own fish for dinner! If you just want to relax, let the skipper do the hard work and just lay back and enjoy.

Deep Sea Fishing in Lisbon – boat fishing

Boat fishing 25 nautical miles from the coast. Whether you are already a boat angler or a complete beginner, you will have a great trip onboard catching a variety of local fish including sharks. Our fully equipped fleet comes with manual and electrical fishing equipment for you to try your hand at finding the ´big fish´. Sharks are protected by the crew through our philosophy of ´catch and release´. So why not come and try your hand, new or experienced, at catching our big game. The trip includes the day´s fishing licence, all equipment including bait and lunch. Lunch is a pork barbecue including drinks. If you prefer the day´s catch can be barbecued to your liking.

Barbecue sailing – sailboat rental

The tour begins in Alcantara, head off to explore the city. In Alfama its time to reverse the course and we will go in search of some nice beaches of Estoril and Oeiras. Releasing the anchor in front of a beach, you start the bathing and snorkeling while the crew takes care of your lunch. We will do a barbecue accompanied by all the Portuguese delicacies such as porc sausages, cheeses and homemade bread. After lunch we recommend the sunbathing mattresses on the deck enjoying the views and the quiet and silent navigation . On arrival we toast the sunset with champagne.

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