surf hen lisbon

A lot of sun and after that, a lot of fun at the best Lisbon Surf Spots. Sounds like the perfect day? Well it is a surfing weekend with Party InPortugal.

Six-hundred kilometres of open beaches and concealed bays. Secrets galore, Portugal as a surfing destination means discovery! And there’s always something for everyone. Longboarding, shortboarding, paddle surfing; we make sure that no matter the kind of a surfer you are, or would like to become, that you can always choose.

Kickstart your send off to marital bliss with something off the trodden path! Surfing as a stag weekends is a great way to some fun, some making fun of friends who obviously can’t surf too well and of course, the best beaches, some which are begging to be found by you! Count on some brownie points when you manage to hit that little wave with your surfboard with all the beautiful people around watching.

From ostentatious nightlife activities planned out just for you as well other best activities that can put the talent of Prince William or Kate Middleton to shame, this is no humble stag weekend. This stag-do is all about challenging every norm out there. Feeling one with your own raw center and catapulting into nature headlong or sideways (very possible with beginners) has never been more cool and refreshing. This weekend is all about letting go and plunking your feet into virgin territory. Rough it out or play is safe by day only to be luxuriously pampered in the night at our beautiful accommodations and boutique locations.

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Surfing around Lisbon


Our instructors make sure to explain the no-nos on flat surfing, tricks to tap into the best swells around and little schoolboy jams to maintain body rhythm better. The fact remains that adrenalin and muscle have not enjoyed any better company than the sport of surfing itself.

Feeling alive as the edge of your surfboard carelessly glides across the waters is an understatement. And with us, it’s not just about battling the waves but so much more. We make sure that the entire package is something you just cannot deny yourself!

Now there’s this other thing we forgot to mention, surfing with us is cheap. We provide accommodation, our guides and lessons are absolutely safe and our activities come in great packages.

We include cool discounts across any activity you can think of that makes use of the sea and the beach and the atmosphere above it (referring to diving here). And after all that, the best NIGHT awaits you. Chilling with friends, grabbing some beers, hitting the waves and finally resting atop a bed of feather down pillows.

Unlike the sand on the beach, we’ll make sure this experience is something you won’t shake off your memory.


  • Beautiful ride to the beach
  • Pick nick at the beach
  • Surf class with wet suits and nice surfing boards
  • Private instructor
  • Exciting day by nature
  • Fun games

We plan. You enjoy.
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