Who doesn’t like dancing!? Well, if you don’t, check all our other activities. But if you like to get lost in addictive rhythms and moves (check the Salsa classes), then we seriously recommend you book a Lisbon Dance Class experience.

Spend a fabulous afternoon with a professional dancing instructor in a great venue in the heart of Lisbon, learning the moves of different dance styles. And once you’ve perfected your dance moves in the class, you will have the chance to test your new-learned skills with the outside world… partying in the club!

We offer several solutions for your Lisbon dancing experience; check them out in detail below.

Lisbon Salsa lesson + Latin Club Night Most Popular!

Dance classes in LisbonBy booking the Salsa lessons you will become acquainted with one of the most famous Latin dance styles: this is an evening you and your friends will never forget!

Join an expert Salsa teacher and learn the basic moves and steps, and even some more complicated ones, and upgrade your dance floor skills.


Lisbon Hip Hop Class (music video dances)

Hen Dance lisbonLearn some authentic music video dance moves with your friends, and instructed by a true professional.

Once you have the right skills you’ll be ready to impress the crowds at your chosen nightclub with your sexy moves! Choose a music video you’d like to learn the moves from, like Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone”, or Britney’s “…Baby One More Time”, and get started!


Other dance classes

Burlesque Dance Lessons in Lisbon

There are alternative dancing classes and experiences that we can arrange for your group, as long as there is enough time ahead to organize them.

Some of these additional classes include:

Oriental (Belly) Dancing

Pole (sexy) Dancing

Burlesque Dancing

Please note that the availability of these extra classes may depend on group size, instructor availability and how much time in advance it is booked.

There’s plenty more: would you like to learn the “Dirty Dancing” moves? Some old school hip hop tricks straight out of the 1980s, perhaps? Or maybe you want to learn striptease dancing styles and surprise your other half when you return? Let’s pump it up, then!

We plan. You enjoy.
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