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Imagine a neighborhood that is all about the vivacity of an exciting city. Sound like a place for you? Better just combining it with our Exciting Lisbon Pub Crawl.

Here bistros and vintage fashion boutiques share elbows with each other, coloring your travels by day. But when the  night comes down, Bairro Alto transforms into THE party district that never seems to notice the sun coming up! Now imagine losing yourself in a maze of the 100 odd bars in this place that dreams are made of.

Now I know I’ve got you thinking. But for all you beautiful people coming to Lisbon for a grand time, knocking up a party in most of these chic dens usually means “breaking the bank”; not anymore though, not with Party in Portugal introducing to you the most epic Lisbon Bar Crawl.

We are a generous city and so we want you to never forget it. And party like it’s the only night that matters while you’re at it! And all this while your modest fortune is still intact for you to travel some more. The bar crawl is all about feeling special and feeling warm, part of our local culture. Now maybe the warm feeling can be that third free shot shooting up your system but hey, why not? Free drinks, meeting new people from around the people, VIP access, and dancing to the coolest music, the Lisbon Bar Crawl opens the gates to the promised land of partydom!

Experience the Night Life of Lisbon! Join our group of locals and lets have a night of fun and pure entertainment.

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About this Lisbon Pub Crawl

pub crawl lisbonWe at Party at Portugal will introduce you to the authenticity of the Lisbon nightlife and show you just why it’s unbelievable!

A large group of people or just two best friends out for a night in town, this night will leave its stamp on you. The pick-up location can be arranged at your hotel too, if you really want to impress your date.

Whatever your fancy, the night is all about heading straight into the exciting places and people in town, a vibrant dance floor and beautiful people. Our guides are easy to find when you’re lost – they’re probably breaking a sweat on the dance floor. This is Lisbon, where it’s all about being young and alive.

There is nothing we won’t do to keep you from adventuring the night a little more. And remember, don’t worry about the sun coming up.


  • Visit at least 3 local bars
  • Welcome drinks in all the bars
  • One hour unlimited free drinks in one of the bars
  • VIP entrance in Club
  • Explore the night life of Lisbon
  • Meet other people!

We plan. You enjoy.
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