Hen Party Lisbon drinking cocktails

Hen Party Lisbon by Party in Portugal: prepared for those who want nothing less than the biggest, most stylish, flashiest and sometimes most decadent holiday!

Our Hen Weekend packages are prepared according to your preferences and budget. Initially, we had a hard time figuring what exactly to pledge allegiance to, but the main idea that drives us on delivering a great service is only this: memorable entertainment!

Whether it’s a limousine, a cocktail workshop, surfing lessons, a sexy stripper, or simply a great pub crawl, we’re here for you! We love Lisbon and we want to make sure that anyone wishing to have the Portuguese capital as the scenario of a memorable holiday should leave the city feeling just the same.


A Hen Weekend for all budgets and tastes

If your hen weekend depends on a strict budget, we still make it happen. We’re an agile service focused on delivering the best possible service according to what the group wants and is willing to invest in.

Some prefer a weekend packed with adrenalin, others are totally into relaxing and working on those tan lines. Regardless, our PartyInPortugal guides and tour managers are here to lead you through such an “ordeal”! Even if you only wish to organize an evening and night out, we can still deliver: cruises, typical portuguese food, great nightclubs… count on us.

limousine hen lisbon

There is nothing that is left to the imagination with PartyInPortugal. In fact, try and surprise us with requests that you think we won’t be able to execute. Dance or cocktails, painting or wines, etc.: we even have custom-designed packages to present to you. These can even include¬†roleplaying lessons and baiting sharks!

surf hen lisbon

We can even help you book your flight, find you the perfect accommodation and plan the most ambitious itineraries. The cherry on top of the cake? We know consumer needs, and pricing has been taken into account: we aim to deliver the most attractive budgets!

We plan. You enjoy.
What are you waiting for?