Cocktail workshop and party in Lisbon

Gather some friends, pour a little bit of laughs and start to chill out in a great environment. Dispose of excess ignorance regarding the famous cocktails. Gently swirl or stir the party, and basically… simply have fun. Serving suggestion: garnish with a VIP entrance and table at the bar!

A Cocktail Workshop Just For You

Hen Party Weekend - Cocktails in Lisbon

Start with the basics and then proceed to learn tricks and tips from a true cocktail expert: flip bottles behind your back just like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, set fire to the glass and put all your energy into that shaker!

Better yet, you won’t be bored because all your friends will be there, learning (and tasting) with you.

You can choose between the different sessions and different activities we offer. Our classes typically start off with a masterclass introduction of the mixologist(s), and some very fancy moves, as well as very delicious drinks. After some delicate tasting (mind you, numbing your senses so early into the lesson is detrimental to learning) and banter with fellow students and travelers, we’ll take you through composition, presentation, some tricks and great variations on the classics. On special request, you might even enter into a friendly competition and of course, the not-so-delicate tasting to end the lovely evening!

Mojitos, Caipirinhas, Morangoskas, you name it! This entertaining learning experience includes the tuition of a cocktail expert… not the 1980’s Tom Cruise – sorry about that! – but certainly someone who’ll show you and your friends how to mix and pour some of the most famous and refreshing cocktails in town. And who knows, maybe the greatest cocktail you’ll ever experience from now on… is your own!

By booking this experience, your group also gains VIP access in one of the best Lisbon clubs, including a VIP table.

Capacity: Depends (upon request)

Prices: Enquire for more information
Schedule: We can adapt it to you itinerary

Duration: Depends (upon request)

Starting location: Enquire for more information

We plan. You enjoy.
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