Bubble Football - Michael Barera - CC BY 2.0

Zorb football (also known as bubble football) is one of the most entertaining – and silly – sport activities you’ll ever experience.

How to properly describe this sport? Well, it’s basically playing soccer… inside a bubble. Bump into your friends all you want, because in this Bubble Football in Lisbon you’ll be wearing a bubble of champions that wil prevent anyone from getting hurt (more or less what Zidane and Materazzi should’ve been wearing back in 2006!).

Some describe bubble football as “Soccer-meets-Sumo”: you’ll be enclosed in a giant ball from your head down to your knees. You can’t just simply roll around, though, and some running will be required to play the game.

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About the Bubble Football Experience

Bubble Football Lisbon is played on a mini-pitch, so you don’t have to run long distances. Different bubble colors will help you distinguish your team from your adversary, although it’s debatable whether that matters… There aren’t many rules, apart from good sportsmanship. That said, you can become the “Mad Max of the bubble pitch” – just don’t be mean!

Tackling does take on a new meaning when your torso is ten times its usual size. Feel free to throw yourself at your opponents without risking any injuries. You probably won’t miss any headers, and hand balls aren’t an option because your arms are also inside the bubble!

Useful information

Restricted oxygen supply inside the bubble mixed with a hangover isn’t such a great idea… so aim to book your game between any drinking activities.


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