• 3 hour bar crawl through main strip
  • Welcome drinks in all the bars
  • One hour unlimited free drinks in one of the bars
  • Explore the night life in Albufeira
  • Meet other people!

The Best Bar Crawl in Portugal

Hey there! Are you someone who likes to have fun, incredible, and memorable nights out with your friends? Are you the type of person who wants to get exclusive experiences to ensure that your night out is the best it can be? Are you someone who loves the nightlife in Albufeira but wish it would offer something a little more interesting? Look no further. We have your solution.

The Bar Crawl Albufeira is the best bar crawl in the entire country and showcases the incredible nightlife that the south of Portugal has to offer to any of its visitors. With the Bar Crawl Albufeira, you will be granted exclusive access to bars and be given great deals so that your night out can be affordable without losing any of its magic. You and your group of friends will join us on a crawl that takes you through the rich nightlife of Albufeira while also giving you an authentic Portuguese experience so that you can have fun the Portuguese way.


The bar crawl will take us through many different venues ranging from classic Portuguese bars to Irish bars to Karaoke bars, and everything in between. At these locations, you will be given a range of different alcoholic beverages that you will be able to choose from as well as the special deals that we will offer to you and your party of people so that you can enjoy the night without breaking the bank and save some money to continue your night in the best club in town with VIP treatment and bottle service . The crawl will also be organized with a leader who will lead you to each bar and explain the deals for each bar. If you are looking for a fun time, making up your own rules for each bar can be an excellent way to enhance the experience and add an extra challenge for you and your friends!

The Bar Crawl Albufeira goes down the famous Albufeira strip, which is the liveliest nightlife in the entirety of Portugal. This means that you and your friends will get access to an experience that is not only more fun than the usual night out but a reinventing of the classic strip which so many people have raved about for years. This Bar Crawl will allow you to experience one of the most famous nightlife attractions in the world through a new lens.

The Bar Crawl Albufeira is a unique opportunity to experience Portugal’s best, with the best of hosts. We guarantee that, not only will you have a fun time with your group of friends, but you’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to come back as much as possible. We also guarantee that your experience will be unique and it will change each night giving you a new and unique experience every time. For an affordable price, we are offering a fantastic opportunity to see Portugal’s nightlife in an incredibly memorable way, giving you exclusive access to the Albufeira strip that will blow you away so much so that you’ll already be planning your next visit by the end of the night.

Grande Abraço!

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